Monthly General Meeting, October 2022

by jess

Proposition and motions

Confirmation of new members

The meeting approved one new staff member. Current staff/members are listed on the about page.

A staffer is up for returning to the team

The meeting agreed that this former staffer would be a win to have back on the team, so they were approached with an invite once the meeting was over.

The org is intending to use for Libera Chat merchandise. Putting a link to their site somewhere on our site would be of benefit to FreeWear (exposure) and of benefit to us (a higher cut on sale of our merch.) The meeting decided to go ahead with this, intending to put a backlink in a subpage under “Contribute” that explains our relationship with FreeWear.

Other questions on our TLS certificates?

GNOME has announced their intention to shut down GIMPnet and move the IRC portion of their communities to Libera Chat, and have requested that, to aid their migration, we offer as a Subject Alternative Name on our IRC TLS certificates. The meeting agreed to do this, with a time limit of a year.

Stance on law enforcement

This was brought up proactively, rather than in reaction to something that has happened. The meeting agreed that we should draft internal policy on this before it becomes something we have to deal with.

Should we give OS JUPE to senior-staffer

The senior-staffer privset was given the ability to re-route the network recently, and a question was posed about whether they should also be given the ability to temporarily ban certain servers from reconnecting to this network, if e.g. a server is suffering from network instability that causes it to repeatedly netsplit. The meeting decided to give OS JUPE to senior-staffer.

Making login failures notices optional

The meeting discussed how the user configuration part of this change would be implemented. The meeting decided to make the configuration have 3 modes: opt-in, opt-out, & default. Anyone that explicitly opted in or opted out would have their decisions remembered, but everyone else would have whatever the network wide default was. This would allow us to start out with a default of being opted in, then we could implore people wishing to retain these notices to explicitly opted in, and later move to a default of opted out.

Trademark details

After consultation with experts, the benefits of obtaining a copyright seem to have receded; so the meeting decided to not progress on obtaining a trademark for now.

Should we remove oper:always_message from privsets?

Staff, up until now, have always overridden usermode +g (“caller id”.) This is unideal, because not every message we try to send to users is urgent, and would like to respect +g by default. The meeting agreed to remove this default override behaviour, and replace it with an explicit case-by-case override.

Should we have guidelines for managing #libera

New staff coming aboard has made it clear that a lot of the way staff manage channels is passed down by oral history. A lot of it is simply catalyst guidlines, but the meeting agreed to write down internal policy about this in more detail.