About Libera Chat

Libera Chat is a Swedish nonprofit organisation with organisation number 802535-6448, feel free to read our bylaws. The organisation is run entirely by volunteer staff who are the members of, and have equal voting power in, the organisation. Libera Chat’s purpose is to provide services such as a community platform for free open-source software and peer directed projects on a volunteer basis.

Most decisions are taken by the membership as a whole. The board primarily deals with organisational tasks like managing our bookkeeping and keeping the member list in sync. There are also three teams within the organisation specialising on certain areas: Projects and Community, Engineering, and Operations. Members can choose to be part of these teams.

The board of the organisation comprises a chair, a treasurer and a representative from each of our specialised teams. Board seats are elected by the membership. The current board members are:

In addition to this the organisation has two auditors elected by the membership. Their role is to audit the board’s actions on behalf of the membership. Their yearly audit report, along with the annual report and bookkeeping of the organisation, will be published in a yearly transparency report. The current auditors are:

Projects and community team

The projects and community team manages our relationships with projects and communities on the network, taking care of project and community registration, coordinating with projects and communities, and managing our social media.

The Projects and community team comprises: A_Dragon, Allie, Bahhumbug, bakerst, ben, Freso, jose, kline, mniip, moonmoon, mquin, nicole, njan, Sario, She, Swant, tomaw, Unit193.

Engineering team

The engineering team handles development of the software we use to run the network such as contributions to the Solanum IRCd, and Atheme Services as well as our websites, tools and bots.

The engineering team comprises: A_Dragon, amdj, bakerst, bigpresh, glguy, jess, kline, mniip, nicole, niko, She, spb, Swant, tomaw.

Operations team

The operations team manage our infrastructure, making sure the network stays operational and ensuring we have the right hardware and server platforms to operate the services we provide.

The operations team comprises: amdj, bakerst, bastelfreak, bigpresh, glguy, md, mquin, Stx, tomaw, Unit193.

Wider staff and organisation membership

There are several staff and members who are not involved in any of the specialised teams, yet without them the efforts of the specialised teams would be in vain and more importantly day to day operation of the network would be impossible.

Staff and membership comprises: A_Dragon, Allie, amdj, Bahhumbug, bakerst, bastelfreak, ben, bigpresh, coffee-cup, deedra, el, Freso, glguy, jess, jewel, JonathanD, jose, kline, marienz, md, mniip, moonmoon, mquin, nckx, nicole, niko, njan, richih, Sario, She, spb, stw, Stx, sued, Swant, tomaw, Unit193.

Staff who are immediately available for contact can be found with /stats p. See our FAQ for other ways to find staff.