Monthly General Meeting, November 2022

by jess

Proposition and motions

Confirmation of new members

A vote to approve one new staff member was deferred to the December MGM.

Potential bylaw amendment for staff proxy voting

Given not all staff are able to attend Monthly General Meetings, this MGM discussed whether it was possible to amend our bylaws to allow proxy voting.

Arguments in favour mostly consisted of making decision making more accessible, but some argued that the discussions that happen in MGMs preceding a vote often change what the outcome is. Some suggestions were made that proxy voting be kept to simple decisions, and some suggestions were made about moving simple voting outside of MGMs.

Two staff volunteered to make a more concrete proposal and present it to staff.

Other questions

Should we enable invite-notify?

invite-notify is an IRCv3 capability for telling clients when someone has been invited to a channel they’re in. Concerns were raised about how this degrades to a NOTICE sent to clients that don’t support invite-notify, and how this might be a bit too noisy, especially for big channels and channels where non-ops can invite people (channels that are +g.)

A suggestion was made to add a configuration option to the invite-notify module in solanum that would remove the NOTICE downgrade, and the MGM agreed.

User mode to hide user idle times

Solanum recently gained a module that adds a user mode which users can set on themselves to hide their idle time from other users. The MGM discussed whether or not staff should still be able to see idle times.

In the interest of getting this functionality available quickly, we opted to always allow staff to see idle times, and plan to revisit whether staff should have to intentionally request this data in the future, given a change to make this possible would take a while.