Monthly General Meeting, September 2022

by jess

Propositions and motions

New staff candidates

Two names for new staff candidates were voted on, and both passed. They were both approached with invites after the meeting ended.

Board elections

Two vacancies on the organisation’s board had candidates put forward and voted on. Both votes passed, making tomaw the new representative of the operations team, and making spb the new representative of the engineering team.

Other questions

Progress on making login failure notices optional

The meeting discussed how far this feature has gotten. The outline of the plan was reiterated, the current progress was discussed, and a blocker to progress was pointed out: putting tighter throttles on login attempts to make it safer for us to turn these user-facing warnings off by default.

Do we want a trademark?

The meeting discussed whether it is worth looking in to a trademark for the organsation and its various assets it would like to protect. The meeting agreed to look in to how we’d do this and what it would entail.

Shall we load chm_regmsg?

A suggestion was put forward to load a solanum module that would add a new channel mode (+R) that would prevent unregistered users from talking, but would still permit them to join the channel. A shortcoming was pointed out in how chm_regmsg currently worked, so the meeting agreed to look in to fixing that shortcoming, and then loading the module.

Making Tor easier to use

Many users express a desire to use Tor to connect to us over Tor for a variety of reasons, and the steps involved to connect to us over Tor are complicated due to abuse mitigation measures in place. A plan was put forward to retain sufficient abuse mitigation whilst making Tor easier to configure, and the meeting agreed to pursue this plan.

Should we remove +s as a default channel mode

The meeting discussed the fact that, although making channels secret by default is a safe option, many channels may still be set to secret without realising it. The meeting agreed to draw up a plan to fix this, taking in to consideration common usecases and safety concerns.