Monthly General Meeting, August 2022

by moonmoon

Propositions and motions

New staff candidates

Two new staff candidates were discussed during the meeting with positive opinions by those present. However, a formal decision to invite these candidates to staff was postponed to the next meeting due to low membership turnout during this meeting.

Trademark registration

The meeting discussed the registration of a trademark for Libera.Chat in one or more of the EU, UK, and US. A main benefit pointed out during the meeting in such a registration is to assist with and defend against potential future domain name disputes. It was decided to contact a lawyer once the meeting concluded to discuss these registrations and to discover more information about the pricing and process.

Ratification of board decisions surrounding the complaints process

Per our bylaws, interpretations made by the board must be raised for ratification at a Monthly General Meeting. Two such interpretations were made surrounding the complaints process outlined in the bylaws, and both were ratified by the meeting:

During this process, members expressed their opinions that the wording of the process needs adjustment in various areas, and have stated their intent to bring up these changes for discussion and vote in a future meeting.

Other questions

Migration of internal documentation

The meeting discussed how a new internal documentation platform was working out, and whether documentation from the old platform can be removed since the new platform contains all of the same information. It was decided to remove the duplicated content from the old platform, and a staff member did so during the meeting.

It was noted the old platform would still be used for some items, such as storage of staff-internal meeting minutes.

Appropriateness of certain channel types on the network

As the discussion for this is still ongoing, the meeting chose to redact all details of this item from the publicly-released minutes.