Monthly General Meeting, May 2023

by amdj

Confirmation of New Members

Vote to induct a new member into the organisation

The MGM approved the organisation membership of the member of staff invited during the previous MGM.

Propositions and Motions


Other Questions

Enabling teeth in Murdochite

Last year, we wrote an abuse management tool called Murdochite, which scans incoming connections from Matrix to determine if the homeserver responsible for initiating those connections allows registration without verification.

At the time, we did not enable its enforcement action, so a connection would only be flagged to staff, rather than be automatically disconnected from the network.

Staff discussed the impact this could have upon our user experience, including sharing some statistics of how many homeservers would have been banned during some recent bridge upsets that resulted in mass reconnections.

Ultimately it was decided that we should leave it as it is.

An organisation mascot

Further discussion was held about having an official mascot, what it would be (species, name, …), and who we could approach to design it for us.