Monthly General Meeting, April 2023

by A_Dragon

Proposition and motions

Complaints update

A discussion was tabled to update our complaints process with additional wording regarding what constitutes a complaint.

We decided that while an amendment to the bylaws surrounding complaints was not needed, an update to surrounding documentation on our website will be drafted.

Other Questions

Methods of channel closure

When we close channels we take a particular set of actions.

It was raised that this method of closure may violate our retention policy, as closed channels keep their topics and access lists.

It was decided that a new method would be tried, and all existing closures would be moved to this new method.

New staff member

A new staff member was discussed and we decided to move forward with the beginnings of inviting them to join Libera.Chat

+w (wallops) By default re-evaluation

We discussed the results of moving user mode +w to be a default user mode.

We came to the conclusion that we need to work on being able to modify this generally, as the main friction with it comes more from users needing to opt in or opt out every time they connect, or figure out how to tell their client to do so.

We decided that while considering other changes, we should look to updating our general documentation for clients to include instructions for how to set user modes on connect.

Another option of having NickServ make these changes was considered, however currently Solanum does not support modifying a user’s modes externally, so an extension to the server-to-server protocol would be required.