Monthly General Meeting, June 2023

by amdj

Propositions & Motions

Approval of a New PaC Representative

The MGM approved a new representative for the Projects & Community team, following the resignation of the previous representative.

Other Questions

Matrix Bridge Handling

The MGM held a discussion about how to handle the problems that the bridge currently causes for us.

Among other options, we discussed whether to require EMS to disable portaling, whether to disconnect and ban the bridge outright, whether to remove the connection limit exemption for the bridge, or whether to make portaling opt-in via channel mode.

Ultimately we decided to go with the former option, and requested that EMS disable portaling between 2023-07-25 & 2023-07-31.

Discussion of new staff candidates

The MGM held a discussion about a couple of new considerations for members of staff.

Inverting chm_noctcp

The MGM held a discussion about whether to invert the behaviour of the chm_noctcp (+C) channel mode.

That is, if the mode is not set, CTCP queries to the channel (except ACTION; /me) should not be possible, making CTCP queries to channels opt-in rather than opt-out.

This follows from observed mass CTCP abuse and some broken client behaviour in responding to channel-directed CTCP queries.

It was decided that further discussion on the topic was necessary, as several points came up, including the possibility of removal of the +C channel mode entirely and creating a new channel mode character instead.

Use of globals and wallops

Further discussion was held about when and how to use global notices and wallops, which categories of messages should use which method, and whether to send certain message categories (server-specific maintenance, project news, etc) at all, with either method.