Libera.Chat and partnership for merchandise

by Fuchs

Hello Libera Chat users,

We are happy to announce a partnership with for Libera.Chat merchandise.

What’s the deal? is an online FOSS merchandising store and a print shop. Since 2006, they have worked with various FOSS orgs and groups such as Debian GNU/Linux, Arch Linux, the KDE and GNOME communities and many more, offering branded merchandise. For each item sold, these organizations will receive some money. We now entered the same kind of partnership.

How does this benefit Libera.Chat?

The advantage of such merchandise for us is two-fold: Not only will this of course spread the word about Libera.Chat when people use coffee mugs or wear clothes with our logo on it, but as per the above we will also receive a small amount of money every time someone buys Libera.Chat merch on FreeWear, currently up to around 2.5 Euro per piece sold.

Does this change anything about what Libera.Chat is or how it operates?

The money we receive via this channel is handled the very same as donations. As per our donations page, we will use this money to cover the operational costs of the network as well as the administrative upkeep of the legal entity. If our funding situation permits it, we may also invest in improving our services. This additional channel of income does not change anything about what we are and how we operate; We are and stay a volunteer-run organisation, backed by a Swedish non-profit as our legal entity.

Okay, what cool stuff is available and where can I get it?

We start off with a small amount of base items with our logo on it. You can find Libera.Chat branded stuff at the Libera subsection on We might add more designs in the future.

As usual, we would like to thank our supporters who, together with our volunteers and sponsors, keep the network up and running. We would love to see some of you at FOSS events, congresses and the likes running around in Libera.Chat clothes or drink your fresh hot brew out of a Libera branded mug.

Lots of love and keep rocking!