Changing Default For Login Failure Notices

by She

Hello Libera.Chat users,

In January, we added the BADPASSWDMSG setting to NickServ. This setting allows registered users to stop receiving login failure notices. For users who have common nicknames grouped to their accounts, login failure notices can be incessant and a needless source of worry.

Currently these notices are still being sent to users by default. We are going to be changing the default on 2023-04-16. Accounts that have not set BADPASSWDMSG to ON or OFF will default to not being sent these notices. Our reasoning for doing so remains unchanged since the news post announcing this feature.

If you wish to continue receiving these notices, please /msg NickServ SET BADPASSWDMSG ON if you have not already. Your setting will be preserved when we change the default.

Have a good day!