Monthly General Meeting, December 2023

by amdj

Other Questions

How do we want to handle other matrix bridge limits?

The meeting opened with a remark that an existing bridge was hitting its agreed-upon connection limit, and put it to the question whether this should be raised again. It was decided that if the bridges are competently-maintained and stay within their respective namespaces, then we do not have an issue with raising the limits as required for the bridges to continue to operate. We will revisit this decision if a problematic bridge pops up in the future.

Should we auto-cloak verified accounts by default?

At the moment, if users want a cloak after registering and verifying their services account, they have to join #libera-cloak and ask the bot there to cloak them. This is mentioned in the #libera topic and on the website, but is otherwise not particularly well-documented, and many new users will be perhaps unaware of the option to do so.

It was raised whether this should be an automatic process instead, or to perhaps make it a self-service option as it is now, but integrated into services, with a hint from services, after verifying, that the user can now grab a user cloak immediately by simply issuing another services command.

Rate limits and abuse mitigation were discussed for the self-service option. Given that we currently allow account name changes without staff intervention, this would allow people using the self-service option to update their user cloak after changing their account name, something that is currently reviewed by staff in order to deter abuse.

It was ultimately decided that we will explore an automatic cloaking upon account creation option, and that we could always turn this off and go back to the status quo or revisit the issue in future if this becomes a problem.