Monthly General Meeting, February 2023

by bakerst

Proposition and motions


Other questions


A staff member had noticed that not all staff privsets contain oper:receive_immunity which marks a client as being unkickable in channels that we enable chm_operpeace (+M) for.

We decided to fix that and apply oper:receive_immunity to all staff privsets.

Matrix bridge problems

We discussed problems that the Matrix bridge creates for IRC-side users, channel operators and for network operations.

After discussing a few possible actions we could take, we decided to get to ask the communities that use Libera for feedback, to interface with the bridge operators and request information that helps us understand the problems better and to assess the impact of abuse mitigation that affects Matrix homeservers with open registration enabled.

How is our logo licensed?

We decided to clarify the license of the logo in the website repo. We are going to explore what assigning the logo copyright to the org would entail.