Monthly General Meeting, January 2023

by jess

Proposition and motions

Bylaws change: make the hiring deadline 3 months rather than 2

Staff approved a bylaw change that makes the deadline for voting a new staff member in to the Organisation 3 MGMs, instead of the current 2 MGMs.

Other questions

Current status on user mode +I

User mode +I is a solanum feature that allows users to hide their idle time in /whois responses. Staff are eager to have this feature available, but had been considering an idea to change this functionality to show approximate idle times (e.g. "last seen recently" vs "last seen a week ago") instead of totally hiding them.

The meeting decided this was, at least for now, more work than it was worth, and agreed to simply work out one small remaining issue with the solanum feature (the wording of a message shown when running /whois on a user mode +I user) and then push ahead with deployment.

Chair (and board) election preparation

The organisation is undertaking its Annual General Meeting in March this year and our bylaws dictate that the Board of the organisation as well as the auditors of the organisation must be elected or re-elected.

The meeting discussed how the staff body plans to run these elections, and settled on a plan to use an existing voting system (the Condorcet Internet Voting Service) and allow the staff body to vote for each election anonymously over the course of a few weeks, leading up to the Annual General Meeting.

Our bylaws require a vote in the Annual General Meeting to elect board positions, so the plan is to take the result of the anonymous poll and vote to accept the outcome of that poll in the Annual General Meeting.

When do we want to do more hires?

The meeting discussed when the staff body would like to run another round of staff hires.

The meeting concluded there was apetite to hire more staff, but also accepted that our next monthly meeting is likely to be too busy with Annual General Meeting commitments, so decided to postpone hiring for a couple of months.