Monthly General Meeting, October 2021

by Swant

Propositions and motions

Update on bank account

Instruments of authorisation required for further bank contact were issued, their exact detail have been redacted for containing personally identifiable information and commercially sensitive information.

Data retention

A working group was formed to revisit and evaluate our current data retention policy as it pertains to data used for abuse mitigation in particular, and tasked with making a proposal if they find changes are necessary.

Preparations for chair elections

Discussions that were started on the August 2021 MGM around key qualities for our organisation chair continued, a working group was formed to summarise these discussions and make preparations for the upcoming election.

Other questions

Consensus-based decision making training

After having taken training on consensus-based decision making, an open discussions around how we apply this in our organisation was held, the working group on summarising the qualities in a chair took this as additional input on what our chair should be able to facilitate.

Names on the website

As a follow up on the discussion from the August 2021 MGM, having considered the feedback from group contacts, a decision to stop listing realnames on our website was made, this will be implemented in a future date.

Minutes storage

Discussions around how and where our signed minutes are currently stored and if the ergonomics of accessing and searching through them could be improved.

+w by default

We will be turning on wallops (+w) by default as an experiment, more on this will be published separately.