Monthly General Meeting, August 2021

by Swant

Propositions and motions

Approval of new members

The meeting approved two new staff for membership. Current staff and members are listed on the about page.

Preparations for chair elections

Discussions were started in preparation for future chair elections, there has been interest from some members to rotate this position on a regular basis, this option was discussed. Key qualities for potential chair candidates were identified and suggestions were made around how to mentor people into board and chair roles.

Other questions

Staff and member activity

Discussions were held around an option to downgrade quorum members to ordinary members in cases of prolonged absence where the member may not have notified the organisation, similar discussions were held for completely absent staff members and potential options for the organisation to limit access that imposes security risks until they are in a better position to stay in the loop. Based on the learnings from this discussion working groups were spun off to work on proposals.

Staff recruiting

There were discussions around the process of approaching and identifying potential candidates for staff, as well as the process for mentoring new staff members. Two potential candidates were brought to the meeting, the meeting agreed to extend invitations to them. A working group was spun off to work on one potential path for identifying further candidates.


Discussion around various means of double-bridging was held since it may cause channels to become too large for clients to handle, while it is also recognised as a valid need for several projects. The meeting landed on discussing these instances of excessive double-bridging with the channel operators on a case-by-case basis where alternatives for more efficient bridging can be presented. Some information around this was recently added to our FAQ.

Nickname expiration

Options for making it more clear when a nick has expired were explored, discussions on potential implications those options may have on the nick expiration time were started and slated for further discussion on an upcoming monthly general meeting.

Transparency - real names on the website

Projects, communities, and sponsors had been consulted for opinions on removing realnames of members from our website per the July MGM. Feedback was positive or neutral. With this feedback realnames were made optional on the website, due to time constraints further discussions will be held at a later time around keeping it optional or not listing any realnames.