Monthly General Meeting, July 2021

by Swant

Propositions and motions

No propositions or motions had been submitted to this meeting

Other questions

De-listing proprietary platforms from our website

Discussions were held on whether to de-list proprietary platforms from our website footer, after some discussion it was decided that we would reorder the footer to put FOSS platforms first, and remove links to social media from the “Connect” section of the top menu. It was determined that keeping the links in the footer signifies that the accounts on those platforms are official. Some discussion arose around adding our primary support email to the footer as well, but it was disregarded in favour of ongoing efforts to add a more detailed page on how to contact staff.

Defining processes in case of staff misconduct

Discussions were held around initiating work to define processes around how to receive and process any reports of staff misconduct. Whilst there are no current incidents, we believe it is important to have clear processes for staff and users alike were it ever to happen. The meeting tasked a working group with brainstorming options to present at a future meeting.

Transparency - real names on the website

A while back we were asked to list our board members by real name publicly, which we chose to do at the time in the name of increasing transparency. Lately, however, we’ve started to see negative consequences of this, and discussions of removing it or making public listing of real name optional were held. The organisation would of course continue to keep private records needed for legal obligations if this were to occur. The meeting decided to pose the question to our projects, communities and sponsors and will await their feedback before any further decision.

Consensus building

Discussions were held around the process of building consensus, in particular for small decisions. This is part of an ongoing and wider discussion on the topic, and a few examples of instances where our processes didn’t fully work were brought up for discussion in an attempt to identify how we can improve in the future.

Meeting timing

The meeting decided to move to a regularly scheduled meeting slot for monthly general meetings.