Configuring SASL for mIRC

mIRC added built-in SASL support in version 7.48, released April 2017. The below instructions were written for version 7.51, released September 2017. Earlier versions of mIRC have unofficial third-party support for SASL, which is not documented here. Libera.Chat strongly recommends using the latest available version of your IRC client so that you are up-to-date with security fixes.

  1. In the File menu, click Select Server…
  2. In the Connect -> Servers section of the mIRC Options window, select the correct server inside the Libera.Chat folder, then click Edit
  3. In the Login Method dropdown, select SASL (/CAP)
  4. In the second Password box at the bottom of the window, enter your NickServ username, then a colon, then your NickServ password. For example, VeryFakeNick:hunter2
  5. Click the OK button

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