Configuring SASL for KVIrc

If you have already added Libera.Chat as a network, open your servers window, select the Libera.Chat server, and skip to step five.

  1. Click Settings, and the Configure Servers
  2. Anywhere in the Servers window that appears, right click and select New network
  3. Enter a name (perhaps liberachat)
  4. Right click on the network you just added, and click New Server
  5. Enter as the server name, and then click Advanced
  6. In the Connection tab, enter 6697 for the port, then check the Use SSL Protocol checkbox
  7. Select the Advanced tab, Enable the Query extended capabilities on connect option, as well as the Authenticate via SASL extension. In the SASL Nickname field, enter your Libera.Chat account name. In the SASL Password field, enter your NickServ password
  8. Click OK, until you have returned to the Servers window, and then click the Connect Now button

If everything was configured correctly, you should see a SASL authentication successful message when you connect. You will already be identified, so you don’t need to do this again.

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