One week of Libera Chat

by kline

Hello, Libera Chat users!

It’s been an exciting first week, and we’d like to say a massive thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and patience as we continue to work to bring Libera.Chat up to full capacity. In these first few days, we’ve been able to reach 16,500 simultaneous connections and 20,000 registered accounts. We entered the global top 10 within days, and are the fastest-growing IRC network ever.

This growth is not without challenges: We have managed to finalise registrations of 250+ projects, and we’re getting more and more all the time. Our backlog is as large as our finished registrations! We can only thank you and ask for your patience, and encourage you to register sooner rather than later as we’re scaling out our registration processes.

We’re proud to host projects across the entire spectrum of use cases, from games, to programming languages, to Linux distributions, and even the world’s knowledge. Some of the projects we are now supporting include Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Wikimedia, Wikipedia, and friends, and of course the IRCv3 Working Group.

Free and Open Source Software communities and projects are Libera’s core mission, and we’re looking forward to supporting those and more; by providing a space for them to collaborate and coordinate development, support their users, socialise, bond with their teams, and form lifelong friendships.

We hope to see you chatting with us soon,

PS: Some other “staff pick” projects we’re excited to show you!

PPS: We keep hearing “we will wait with contacting you as you must be overworked, right now” a lot. We’ve established a ticketing system in order to improve our ability to process requests. Simply send your request by email, you will no longer have to worry about it, we can get back to you easily, and we can plan our capacities better. For more information, please visit our page on project registration.