Official Matrix bridge farewell

by el

Hello, I am the bearer of unfortunate news.

Following the disabling of the official Element Matrix Services (EMS) operated bridge between the Matrix network and Libera.Chat IRC network, staff of Libera Chat met with staff from The Foundation in mid October to discuss the future of the bridge.

Due to various constraints, The Foundation informed us that it cannot take on the obligation of the needed modifications in a timely manner, nor can it commit to operating the official bridge going forward.

Upon receiving this information we requested that The Foundation and EMS arrange a graceful sunset of the bridge, a clean-up of bridged rooms so that users are no longer misled or confused due to the presence of non-functional ghosts, and to take accountability for the delay in wrapping things up. You can read about their plan on their blog.

We have written a new FAQ about Matrix to address this sunset and give more information about the future of Matrix use on Libera.Chat. We would also like to extend to our communities a sincere apology; it has taken far too long to coordinate communications with EMS and The Foundation to clarify the fate of the bridge, and we regret any inconvenience the delay of this information has caused.