Disabling Matrix Portalling

by Allie

Update: We no longer have an official Matrix bridge. Please see our FAQ about Matrix for more information about using Matrix on Libera.Chat.

Hello again, Libera.Chat users!

Last month, I wrote about the actions we were considering taking in the wake of the issues with the Libera.Chat<>Matrix bridge.

We have been closely following the developments with the Matrix bridge since, and we have come to the following decision:

Libera.Chat will request that EMS disable Portalled channels, and that EMS do this by 31st July 2023 but not before 25th July 2023. If disabling Portalled Channels is not possible, Libera.Chat will ask that EMS to disable the full Matrix bridge in the same timeframe.

Switching to only plumbed channels has the effect of making the Matrix bridge an opt-in decision for channel operators, as well as reducing the number of Libera.Chat<>Matrix connection - both of these should improve the IRC-side Matrix experience.

We will not be disabling plumbed channels: If your community relies on the bridge to link your IRC and Matrix presences, we would recommend you look into plumbing now if you have not already. See the Matrix documentation for the difference between portal and plumbed channels.

Looking into the future: A new Matrix Channel Mode

We understand the impact that disabling portalled channels will have a significant impact on some communities: Ideally, we would like to be able to facilitate portalled access to Libera.Chat again.

To do this, we’re exploring options to introduce a new channel mode which would permit the Matrix bridge into to a channel. We’ll provide more information about this in time.

Questions? Comments?

We understand that this is a disruptive change: As always, Libera.Chat staff will be available in #libera and #libera-matrix to offer assistance and discussion.

Thank you so much for your understanding,

Allie @ Libera.Chat