Just over 100 days of Libera Chat

by el, glguy

Hello everyone!

It’s now been a bit over three months since we invited you all over to our new IRC home. We hope you have settled in fine, and please do let us know if there are outstanding issues that we need to attend to.

You may have noticed our maintenance cycle of upgrading a couple of servers at the end of each week. These restarts are enabling us to upgrade to the latest Debian release and to bring the latest Atheme and Solanum improvements to the whole network. We’ll be continuing to perform regular maintenance on the network at this weekly pace. In order to reduce the impact on users we’re taking affected servers out of DNS rotation ahead of time and notifying their users when to expect shutdowns. Reconnecting to irc.libera.chat will always get you back to a live server.

This past month or so, we’ve also been spending some time behind the scenes polishing up our website. If you peek over to the tab titled Guides you will notice we have a bunch of new content that wasn’t there a month ago, and that some of what was there has been rewritten to be more useful.

Of interest to many groups might be the Webchat Guide. This will show you how to best link or embed our webchats to ensure your folk end up in your channel and not in #libera feeling a little lost. Remember that Guests often don’t identify to accounts, so if your main channel has set the +r mode, take that into consideration when you introduce a webchat link on your website.

We’ve also carefully crafted you a brand new Catalysts Guide, in the spirit of the philosophy that many of us remember, and which was the foundation of the community we built over the decades.

Other new additions include a FAQ, some information on requesting cloaks, and some advice for those who want to help out in channels.

Once again, the entire Libera Chat team is grateful for your love and encouragement through the challenges of the past few months. Here’s to many more.