Account Auto-Cloaking

by She

Hello Libera.Chat users!

Starting now, newly-verified accounts will automatically get a cloak. No more need to join #libera-cloak and say !cloakme!

As usual, if you want a bot cloak for an account or don’t want a cloak so that you can show off your cool rDNS, you can contact a member of Libera.Chat staff. Accounts without cloaks will remain uncloaked. Additionally, we will be closing #libera-cloak in one week from the day this post goes live. If you would like a generic user cloak after it closes, please contact staff.

The new generic cloak format is mostly the same as the old format, but it is slightly different if your nickname contains characters that are not valid in a cloak. The old format looked like user/<name>/x-<number>. The new format is user/<name>:<number>. If you have a user cloak with an x-<number>, you may request a cloak change to the new format if you prefer.

At this time, users connecting to Libera.Chat without accounts will remain uncloaked. We are evaluating methods of improving guest privacy while still allowing channel operators to restrict access from frequently-abused hosts and ranges.

That’s all. Have a good day!

April Fools' Note

During the 1st of April 2024, we gave out vanity cloaks to anyone who registered an account that day. If you have one of these vanity cloaks and do not want it, you may request a cloak change to the new generic user cloak format, which we will grant no-questions-asked. Note that your vanity cloak will be permanently lost.