Monthly General Meeting, March 2024

by Swant

Propositions and Motions

Presentation and Approval of Annual Report

The meeting approved the 2023 annual report. This includes the financial report, one activity report from each team, and the auditors’ report. They can all be read here: 2023 annual report

Auditors’ Report and Discharge of Liability

amdj and kline presented the auditors’ report.

Both agreed that they’d not seen any behaviour they consider malicious, but did point out that several 2023 MGM minutes were late, though they did not consider this to have been done maliciously and have worked with the board to put a plan of action in place.

They recommended the meeting to grant the board discharge of liability for the past fiscal year.

Annual Board Elections

Like last year, prior to the MGM, the organisation ran a month-long poll of the entire organisation to allow all members to make a recommendation on how the meeting should vote in the election of the chair, treasurer, and auditors.

The vice chair was elected during the meeting by nominating candidates, casting yes/no/abstain votes for each of them, and then selecting the candidate with the largest proportion of “yes” votes.

position(s) person(s)
Chair moonmoon
Treasurer Swant
Auditor amdj
Projects and Community Rep Allie
Engineering Rep, Vice Chair spb
Operations Rep tomaw

Organisation Membership Fee

An organisation membership fee of 0 SEK for 2024 was decided.

Other Questions

MGM minutes deadlines

Continuing discussion the auditors raised to the board potential solutions for the late MGM minutes both internally and externally were discussed. The main takeaway was to trial the position of general secretary for 6 months, as a non-board position, with the main responsibility of ensuring the minutes timelines are met whilst not necessarily always being the meeting secretary. If the position turns out well the meeting recommended codifying it into the bylaws after the trial period.

Plans for April fool’s

The meeting decided to work on trying to realise these ideas:

Disabling hide_tkdline_duration

Discussion on whether or not to disable hide_tkdline_duration was held but the meeting didn’t reach a conclusion. It was decided to continue discussion outside of the meeting.