Monthly General Meeting, August 2023

by She

Propositions & Motions

Confirmation of new and returning staff

This MGM confirmed two new members of staff who had been invited after the previous MGM. Additionally, a former member of staff expressed interest in rejoining the organization. This meeting voted to invite and immediately confirm that person.

Put 100k SEK in a placeringskonto with a bound time of 6 months

Last year, Libera Chat had a budget surplus that we’ve been keeping in our organization’s checking account. As it currently seems unlikely that our operational costs will greatly increase in the near future, several options were discussed for using a savings or investment account in order to reduce the effects of inflation. It was ultimately decided to place the majority (100k SEK) of our funds in a savings account with the bank we currently use for 6 months and evaluate whether we wish to continue this arrangement in 5 months (during the January 2024 MGM).

Other Questions

Searchable logging of all-staff channels

This MGM discussed the possibility of having a searchable log for staff-only channels, subject to our usual 60 day retention period. This record would be for internal use only and would make it easier for staff to refer back to old conversations. The possibility of aggregating verbose bot output using the same mechanism was also discussed. The MGM was generally supportive of this idea but agreed that specific details regarding the implementation would need further discussion.

Finally, this MGM discussed potential changes to our policies regarding nickname expiry and grouping. There was a proposal to extend the nickname expiry time to 52 weeks, remove the special case for account expiry after 2 weeks if they were last seen less than 2 hours after creation, and reduce the limit on grouped nicknames to reduce the impact nick squatting would have due to these changes. It was decided to remove the special case but revisit the other two changes after performing some statistical analysis on our account database to make a better-informed decision.