Monthly General Meeting, June 2022

by kline

Proposition and motions

Confirmation of new members

A vote to confirm new staffer as a member of the organisation was postponed due to absence.

Other questions


A new piece of infrastructure, haematite, was proposed for development.

This piece of software would attach to the network as if it was a server and re-present the data a server can see in a well-structured format, for easier consumption of network state by bots.

Ethical considerations were made for the fact that this will empower bots to see more data than they currently can, but agreement was made for tight acess controls specific to each bot, and that we’d discuss each bot that wanted to use it as-and-when.

Public participation in Working Groups

The meeting discussed whether it would be a good idea to include external subject matter experts and stakeholders in Working Groups that have thus far been mostly recognised to only consist of staff members. Examples of where this would make sense, and we agreed that our current bylaws do not disallow it, and it would be a beneficial move.

Trusted external contributors

The meeting discussed whether we should re-invent a situation we’d had before where specific trusted non-staff individuals could be recognised as trusted to know internal rationale for development work and be involved in discussions about that development work. The meeting decided that we should.

Out-of-band staff messenger

The meeting revisited a question from a previous MGM concerning which out-of-band messenger the org should use, but no decision had been made since the last time it was discussed, and thus the meeting decided to put to topic to rest until such a time as there’s a meaningful need to discuss it again.