Monthly General Meeting, March 2022

by ben

Propositions and motions

Presentation and approval of annual report

2021 annual report

Financial statements

Libera Chat ended fiscal year 2021-04-23 – 2021-12-31 with a result of 0 SEK.


The Projects and Communities team registered over 900 projects, has adopted social media handling, and held 2 meetings last year.


The engineering team achieved the herculean task of getting libera up and running from scratch on a new ircd. Monthly dev meetings were held to discuss ongoing efforts including various bots and upstream contributions.


The ops team has focused on improving automation and integration of systems with puppet. Server sponsors and deployment were also handled by ops.

Audit report

The audit team reviews finances and monitors board conduct. No issues or concerns found with finance or conduct. Auditors recommend that the board is discharged of liability

Annual report approved.

Organisation Membership fee

An organisation membership fee of 0 SEK for 2022 was decided.

Moving the seat of the organisation

The seat and postal address of Libera Chat was moved to Ängelholm, Ängelholms Kommun.

Annual board elections

Presentation of chair nomination process

After forming a chair nomination panel, initial interest was gauged behind blinding identifiers. Candidates were then asked to complete a written assessment. After narrowing down to a shortlist of three candidates, un-blinded vocal interviews were conducted. Following the interviews, the chair panel recommended moonmoon based on experience and excellence of responses.

Candidates introduced themselves briefly

Three candidates briefly introduced themselves and their vision for the chair role.

Open discussion

There was an open floor discussion where staff discussed some bits and pieces of what they would want to see in their chair and asked opinions of the prospective chairs.

Discharge of last year’s board

Last years’ board was discharged

Election Summary

role person
chair moonmoon
treasurer Swant
vice chair edk
eng rep edk
ops rep glguy
pac rep Fuchs
auditors - A_Dragon
- allie