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Libera Chat is a non-profit organisation based in Sweden ( 802535-6448). Libera Chat operates the Libera Chat IRC network, and the website Libera.Chat, hereinafter referred to as “Libera Chat services”.

When it comes to your personal information you may have the right to:

Some of the above rights can be exercised yourself through IRC Services, see /msg NickServ HELP, with a focus on the commands SET, SET PROPERTY and DROP.

In particular:

You may also exercise your rights by contacting If you wish to file a complaint, see the website of the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) for their contact details.

When using Libera Chat services, Libera Chat may work with the following personal information about you:

We may also process any data you send when you use the network - for instance messages you send which may contain your personal data are processed by our servers, and we log actions you carry out through our services, messages you send to our staff or support mechanisms.

This data may be used for the following purposes:

Where data is necessary to run our service, the Lawful Basis we use will generally be “Legitimate Interest” - i.e. the genuine need of Libera Chat to process data on you while operating a service which you benefit from, and where you have chosen to use the service, in order to make it available to you and others. In rare instances where required by law to hold or process data, our lawful basis may be “Legal Obligation” or “Public Task”.

We will generally not process data on you which is “Special Category”.

Libera Chat does not collect or log private or public IRC messages. However, users may privately log messages they send and receive so be mindful of the personal information you share as it may be logged by third parties, which is beyond the control of Libera Chat.

Libera Chat will not share your data with third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Libera Chat normally stores your data collected on the IRC network for the purpose of debugging and restoration for no more than 60 days after you last connect to the network, or delete your account. Whichever comes last.

Data collected for the purposes of recording and mitigating abuse may be kept for up to 365 days after the abuse occurred, or the mitigation ended, whichever comes last. The following information is covered by this policy:

Data collected by email or our support system in relation to project registration, sponsorship and channel namespace management will be stored at least until the project is deregistered or the sponsorship is terminated, this information may be stored for longer for purposes of restoration.

Any financial transactions with Libera Chat such as when sponsoring the organisation will be stored for 7 years to comply with Swedish law.

Data collected by other means will be reviewed yearly and any data no longer needed for the purposes it was originally collected for will be deleted.

When using Libera Chat services your data may be transferred to and/or processed outside of the European Union; Brazil; California, USA or territories with an EU adequacy decision under GDPR, when such processing occurs Libera Chat has put appropriate safeguards in place to guarantee your rights and freedoms, primarily through standard contractual clauses.

Libera Chat reserves the right to change this policy at any time, without notice. The currently active version can be found on this website.

For any inquiries or concerns about how Libera Chat process your data, please email