Sponsoring Libera Chat

There are a few ways to help us out.

Contributing servers

Libera Chat runs on servers provided by our generous sponsors. If you run a large, well-connected network in one of our service regions (North America, Europe, East Asia, Australia), please get in touch!

Our requirements for public-facing IRCd servers are as follows:

If you can provide networking and rack space, but not hardware, we may be able to work something out.

While we appreciate the intentions behind all such offers, please note that we do not usually accept rented consumer servers. List-price VPSs are great value, but experience has shown that they are not sufficiently resilient.

We manage servers centrally, for which we will need full, and exclusive, root privileges. Please note that sponsoring a server does not confer staff access, and we ask that you do not attempt to use technical means to gain such access.

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please email the operations team at hosting@libera.chat.