Auditor's Report 2023

The role of auditor is responsible for ensuring that there is no financial impropriety nor gross misconduct on the part of the organisation’s board members, and to denote instances of the board not acting in the best interests of the organisation’s membership.

We find that the organisation’s finances are sound and that its money has only been utilised in ways approved by the membership.

We find that the board has not acted in a grossly irresponsible manner, nor intentionally violated the organisation’s bylaws.

We find again that publication of several MGM minutes did occur after the deadlines stipulated by the bylaws, which the auditors did bring up as a point of contention at the last board meeting. Discussion on the matter was had, and a plan of action to address this process issue was divised.

With this in mind, we recommend that the board members be discharged of liability for the period 2023-01-01 through 2023-12-31 inclusive.

Aaron Jones (amdj) Gareth Pulham (kline)