Activity Report 2023 - Operations

The operations team manages the provisioning and maintenance of the various servers and services Libera.Chat uses to provide IRC chat services. We keep the servers running, configured, and updated.

Libera.Chat is made possible by a wide variety of free and open-source software. While we’re obviously reliant on solanum and atheme, there are many other packages critical to running our network. If you aren’t already familiar with these projects, you might take a look: Debian, Etherpad, Gamja, Grafana, Kiwiirc, Mlmmj, Mumble, Nginx, Postfix, Puppet, Request Tracker, Tor, WireGuard.

We’re also responsible for coordinating with the sponsors who make Libera.Chat possible by providing reliable servers and network connectivity. We’re continually thankful to them all for providing the hardware and other resources required to allow the network to operate.