Activity Report 2022 - Operations

The operations team manages the provisioning and maintenance of the various servers and services Libera.Chat uses to provide IRC chat services. We keep the servers running, configured, and updated.

Libera.Chat is made possible by a wide variety of free and open-source software. While we’re obviously reliant on solanum and atheme, there are many other packages critical to running our network. If you aren’t already familiar with these projects, you might take a look: Debian, Etherpad, Gamja, Grafana, Kiwiirc, Mlmmj, Mumble, Nginx, Postfix, Puppet, RT, Tor, WireGuard.

This year the operations team has continued to work to provide the infrastructure required to run the network. We’re concentrating on opening up involvement to the rest of staff and allowing all organisation members to more easily influence how the infrastrucutre is managed.

We’ve also expanded the team to include new expertise in Puppet that has allowed us to create an environment where we can better test and automate our configuration management.

The operations team is responsible for coordinating with the sponsors who make Libera.Chat possible by providing reliable servers and network connectivity. Our team is grateful to these sponsors for stepping up so quickly and making Libera.Chat possible this year when they were needed the most. Many of our sponsors can be found on our sponsors page, but even more organizations have thrown in their support to make this project possible.