Activity Report 2021 - Projects and Community

The projects and community team (PaC) manages the relationship between the Libera.Chat volunteer staff and projects and communities that use our network. It takes care of registrations and onboarding for projects and communities that would like to have an official representation on Libera.Chat. In addition to that, we keep up communications and good relationships both on the network and also through other channels, such as social media.

Project and community registration activity

Being one of the three teams present at the foundation of Libera.Chat, we had the benefit of having had processes and documentation ready for when the network launched. Despite that, due to the huge amount of projects and communities that wanted to migrate to Libera.Chat, we temporarily opened the process of project and community registrations for all members of staff.

Thanks to the great work of everyone, we had over 900 projects and communities registered at the end of the year, with very little backlog left to take care of in 2022. Therefore project registrations are now handled by the PaC team again. We are, however, open to all interested members of staff and our discussion channels and decisions are transparent and open to everyone in the organisation.

Social media and communications

Our social media accounts are doing reasonably well, with almost 1500 followers on mastodon, a little more than 4000 on twitter and 230 on facebook.

Team internal organisation and decisions

Currently the team consists of 17 members, a number that slightly increased over 2021 but remained mostly stable, with some people leaving and some people joining the team.

With regards to our organisation, the PaC team has decided to hold meetings on an as-needed base instead of on a regular schedule. During 2021 we held two such meetings, which were open to all interested Libera.Chat staff members and the protocol was internally published as well.

These meetings were mostly held to onboard new members into the PaC team and to decide on open questions such as whether our team discussion channel should be open for everyone, which was agreed on.


We start strong into 2022 and hope to be able to handle the remaining backlog of project and community registrations soon, and we look forward to interact with the Libera.Chat community through our many channels.