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by el

Hello everyone!

When we opened Libera Chat three whole years ago, we were not sure how things would play out. There were definitely doubts that we would still be here today, working hard to provide you all with a stable collaboration platform. But here we are!

Besides standing up a whole darn network in the blink of an eye, we are also very proud of the various other things we have accomplished in the past 36 months. We have:

We are also still actively working on our next generation IRCd, called Sable. You can check out the repository or pop in to #libera-dev for more information about that.

Finally, starting some time next month, our freewear shop will start carrying a new design; the logo from this year’s April Fools prank! Keep an eye on our bluesky or fosstodon social accounts for an announcement about that.

In the mean time, please join us in #libera-birthday to celebrate!