Configuring SASL for Emacs ERC

These instructions were originally contributed by androclus. Thanks!

ERC is an IRC client which comes as a package for Emacs. A script is used to provide SASL support; you should first download erc-sasl.el from GitHub and save it into one of the directories listed in your emacs load-path.

Once the script is downloaded, add the following to your .emacs or init.el file in your ERC section:

;; Require ERC-SASL package
(require 'erc-sasl)

;; Add SASL server to list of SASL servers (start a new list, if it did not exist)
(add-to-list 'erc-sasl-server-regexp-list "irc\\.libera\\.chat")

;; Redefine/Override the erc-login() function from the erc package, so that
;; it now uses SASL
(defun erc-login ()
  "Perform user authentication at the IRC server. (PATCHED)"
  (erc-log (format "login: nick: %s, user: %s %s %s :%s"
           (or erc-system-name (system-name))
  (if erc-session-password
      (erc-server-send (format "PASS %s" erc-session-password))
    (message "Logging in without password"))
  (when (and (featurep 'erc-sasl) (erc-sasl-use-sasl-p))
    (erc-server-send "CAP REQ :sasl"))
  (erc-server-send (format "NICK %s" (erc-current-nick)))
   (format "USER %s %s %s :%s"
       ;; hacked - S.B.
       (if erc-anonymous-login erc-email-userid (user-login-name))
       "0" "*"

Finally, update your connection function to include your NickServ password, for example when using erc-tls:

(erc-tls :server "" :port 6697 :nick "YourNick"
    :full-name "Text to display as your realname/gecos"
    :password "NickServPassword"))

This guide makes use of content adapted from John2x’s answer on StackExchange, licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Additional helpful ERC configuration advice may be found on John2x’s home page.